Below we have listed some funding opportunities that are relevant to ECRs. Some of these are specific to employees of The University of Melbourne, whereas others are open to Australian ECRs from other institutions. Please let us know if you are aware of any opportunities we’ve missed!

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Postdoctoral Fellowships

Internal – University of Melbourne

Robert Lipp plant science memorial research fellowship – Nov: For plant science researchers, awarded based on evidence of research excellence


Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship (DECRAS) – April, 3 years

Westpac Research Fellowships – July, 3 years

Australian Biological Resources Study Travel Bursaries – 3 year fellowships up to $90,000 per year. To undertake research relevant to the taxonomy and systematics of the Australian biota

Individual Universities offer Fellowships and you can find details on their websites…

Macquarie University Postdoctoral Fellowships

University of Queensland Postdoctoral Fellowships

University of Sydney Postdoctoral Fellowship

University of NSW Vice Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship

RMIT Vice Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship

Deakin University Postdoctoral Fellowship

Curtin University Postdoctoral Fellowship

Griffith University Postdoctoral Fellowship

University of Wollongong Postdoctoral Fellowship

University of Tasmania Postdoctoral Fellowship

University of Newscastle Postdoctoral Fellowship

Endeavour Fellowships (to spend 6 months in Australia)

Victoria University Postdoctoral Fellowship

John Stocker Postdoctoral Fellowship

La Trobe University Bruce Stone Fellowship (Chemistry)

and more…


The Evolution Directory list of Postdoctoral Fellowships all over the world

Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellowship – 3-10 months in USA, $45,000

Life Sciences Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship – 3 years in USA

EMBO – short-term fellowships (training, 90 days), long-term fellowships (postdoc, 2 years) – Europe

Marie Curie fellowships – Europe (2 years)

Australia – Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme – exchange with German researchers–Germany-Joint-Research-Cooperation-Scheme#.V34pJbh9600

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Fellowships (joint program with Australian Academy of Sciences) – visits to Japan.

The Smithsonian offers a variety of postdoctoral fellowships ranging from 1 – 3 years, which can take place at one of their many facilities. Some of these include the Smithsonian proper, the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama

UNESCO/Loreal International Fellowship for young women. Funds a two-year research project conducted outside your home country.


Research funding

Internal – University of Melbourne

ECR grants scheme – August, up to $40,000


Australian Geographic – April and November each year: up to $15,000. Offer a range of grants and scholarships for scientific, conservation and adventure projects.

Australia and Pacific Science Foundation – March up to $15,000 a year for 3 years. Supports high quality work in biological sciences, particularly those that will improve management and nature conservation.

Australian Museum Research Institute – up to $8,000. A range of awards and fellowships for students and early-career researchers to work with the museum and their collections, some must be in collaboration with or supported by museum researchers. There are special fellowships for biodiversity research and herpetology.

Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment – April and August: Up to $7,500 a year for up to 3 years. Supports research in ecology, wildlife management and natural history.

Norman Wettenhall Foundation: up to $10,000. Funds academic research in conjunction with community groups.

Paddy Pallin Science Grant – August: up to $7,000. Supports high-quality, field-based research in conservation and ecology, must be a member of the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales

Australasian Bat Conservation Fund – November: $1,000. Support for activities that promote bat conservation in Australasia, must be a member of the Australasian Bat Society

Ethel Mary Research Grant – April: $1,500. Supports short-term research projects in zoology, must be a member of the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales

M.A. Ingram Trust – April: up to $5,000. Priority given to applications for research equipment.

Museum Victoria 1854 Scholarship –March: up to $1,500. Supports research in natural sciences, history and indigenous cultures, must be related to museum collections


Travel scholarships and awards

Internal – University of Melbourne

Deans Award for Excellence (Research) – August, no money just kudos!

Dyason Fellowships – March and August; $5,000.Short-term international research visits (inbound or outbound)

Selby research award – June: $19,000. Support for early career researcher in chemistry and related discipline


Victorian Fellowships (Travel grant) – $18,000. Research in physical or life sciences. Travel grant to go on short-term overseas study mission, must be from a Victorian University.

Australian Academy of Science – $5,000-$250,000. A number of research and travel grants.

Ecological Society of Australia – up to $9,000. ESA offers a range of awards and scholarships opportunities for students and early career researchers, must be a member of the society.



Melbourne engagement grants

Fresh Science Fame Lab – January
More of a great opportunity than a grant. Compete to share your science with a wide audience and get some great media training. They’ll also arrange great media coverage for your project.